Student volunteering at Little Sisters of the Poor

How Volunteers Help

Dinner Visits
Make a difference in the life of an elderly person by doing activities and visiting with the residents. Engage in conversation, play bingo, or share your gifts and talents with residents by singing or playing music for them.

Due to COVID-19, volunteers will not be able to visit Little Sisters in person. Instead, they will be writing letters and recording videos/performances to send to the residents. 

Annual Dances & Showcase
An annual talent showcase is held in the spring.



Walking Directions:

  • Right on Harewood Road
  • Walk past the John Paul II Cultural Center
  • Left on driveway with the sign "Jeanne Jugan Residence"


Dress Code: Please wear modest attire. No shorts (unless long), no short skirts, halter tops, sleeveless shirts or anything low cut or immodest. We are guests in their home and need to be respectful.

No sign-up needed. Please contact the student leader and simply show up on time at the designated meeting area.

Contact Information


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Little Sisters of the Poor
4200 Harewood Rd., NE
Washington, DC 20017
(202) 269-1831