What is “Sidewalk”?

Every Saturday, members of Cardinals for Life go to the local abortion clinic to be a peaceful and prayerful presence at the clinic. We go to the sidewalk in front of the clinic not only for the children whose lives are at risk, but also for their mothers and fathers, who may feel like abortion is their only choice.

We do not go to judge the women and the people that accompany them into the clinic, but we focus on quiet prayer for the women entering the clinic, the unborn whose lives are at risk, the clinic staff, and the volunteer escorts who work at the clinic.

Why go to “Sidewalk”?

We go to the abortion clinic every week to be there for the mothers and fathers going into the clinic, and also to be present for the unborn child.

Isn’t it hard to go to Sidewalk and witness the tragedy that goes on there?

Sometimes going to sidewalk is very difficult and it can be emotionally draining. You might feel like people are judging you for being there, or that your presence and prayers are not really making a difference.

Despite these challenges, we are hopeful. We trust in God’s love and mercy. The Lord works through the prayers outside of the clinic. We go to be His instruments there, and we entrust our prayers to Him along with any sorrows or struggles we might encounter at the clinic.

We can see the difference that God is making, and the work He is using us to do, even if it seems very small sometimes.

Doesn’t it seem kind of  judgmental to be praying outside of an abortion clinic?

At Catholic University, we strive to pray in a loving, compassionate, and non-judgmental way. We recognize the reality that many women who go to the clinic have been pressured by their families, boyfriends or husbands to have an abortion and feel like they don’t have any other options.

We strive to stand up and make a peaceful, but strong statement for the voiceless, so we can live in a culture of life. Going to sidewalk is an active, loving way to participate in the pro-life movement.

What about the women who go through with their decision to abort their child?

These are the women who need love and compassion the most. We are there to pray for the grieving women and the souls of their children.

How do I get involved in Sidewalk Ministry?

If you are interested in learning more about sidewalk ministry, please contact the office of Campus Ministry or email cua-campus-ministry@cua.edu