past mission trip

Catholic University of America has a long history of sending students to walk with and learn from communities far from Washington, DC. The first trip occurred in 2001, when a group of students travelled to Guatemala to spend time in the local schools and farms. Since then students have gone to Jamaica, Arizona, Panama, West Virginia, Ecuador, Belize, Honduras, New Orleans, El Paso, New Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Philadelphia, Costa Rica, Camden, and Tanzania. Now, many years later, Catholic University sends over 100 students each year to encounter communities affected by poverty and marginalization. By walking with and learning from these communities, students learn not only about their struggles, but also about their incredible gifts and beauty. Many students have left transformed and inspired, and went on to live lives committed to social justice and community service, whether it be in their own backyard or in places across the world. For more information about the Service & Justice Immersion Program, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.