How do I get involved in community service?

There are weekly service opportunities everyday on campus. Check out the weekly service schedule handout or to see the full list of sites and times. In addition to the weekly service opportunities, students can get involved with monthly and seasonal projects. 

Do I need to bring anything?

Depending on the site you might need to bring Metro money, a back pack, or wear comfy clothes. The website will give you the specifics for each site. 

How do I get there?

Transportation is provided for most sites. Some of the sites will take the Metro or are walking distance from campus. The website will give you the specifics for each site. 

Will I volunteer by myself?

No, you will always be with other students. Each community service site has a student leader. You will always go with the student leader and other volunteers. 

Do I have to go every week?

While it would be great for you to serve every week but there is no obligation to volunteer every week. 

I need a letter verifying I did community service. How do I get one?

To obtain a verification letter, contact the Associate Campus Minister for Community Service and a letter will be written for service done through CUA sponsored service activities. There will be sign in sheets for every CUA service activity. Make sure you sign in! 

How do I get emails about community service opportunities?

If you would like to be added to the community service email list then go to the website and find the site(s) that you wish to receive emails from and contact the service leader(s) directly. They will send you weekly emails. 

If I don’t find anything that fits with my schedule, what do I do?

There are many opportunities to serve in the DC community. If the weekly opportunity does not fit into your schedule, check out the website for special events or other service opportunities in the DC area. Also, you can meet with the Associate Campus Minister for Community Service to find opportunities that will fit your schedule. 

If I am interested in opportunities that are not offered by Campus Ministry, how else can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with other organizations in the Washington DC area, please contact the Associate Campus Minister for Community Service for help in finding an opportunity that fits your particular interest. 

Do I have to sign up to volunteer?

For weekly service sites check the specific sites website. If you are planning to volunteer for a big service day, you have to sign up on our homepage.