Halloween on Campus

How Volunteers Help

Three times a the year, CUA hosts hundreds of Brookland families on campus to play games, win prizes, and get to know our campus. We couldn't run these events without our student volunteers! Responsibilities may include greeting and checking-in families, supervising games, tending the food station, and more! 

Event Dates 2020-2021

Halloween on Campus: October 28, 2021
Spring to CUA: April 10, 2022
Field Day: April 24, 2022


Please contact the student leaders if you are interested in being on a committee for an event.


Abby de Reyna (dereyna@cua.edu)
Robert Milano (milano@cua.edu)
Colin Agostisi (agostisi@cua.edu)
Aryelle Montecer (montecer@cua.edu)
Maggie Reardon (reardonm@cua.edu)
Julie Piet (piet@cua.edu)
Caden O'Neal (onealch@cua.edu)
Gia Carusone (carusone@cua.edu)
Stephanie Salmento (salmento@cua.edu)
Brian Schurr (schurr@cua.edu)
Gabriella Giegerich (giegerich@cua.edu)