Catholic University Student tutoring child

Due to COVID-19, all tutoring activities are suspended at this time.

Program Description

Beacon House is grassroots organization that supports the Edgewood Terrace community in Brookland. Based in an affordable housing complex, Beacon House offers educational, cultural, recreational, and athletic programs for  neighborhood youth.

Subjects Tutored: Reading, Math, and Science
Type of Tutoring: One-on-one tutoring, Group facilitation for science experiments


Beacon House
601 Edgewood St NE, Ste 15, Washington, DC 20017
Main Phone: 202.529.7376
Fax: 202.832.9456

Weekly Schedule

Tutoring Sessions:


Contact Information

Site Supervisors:
Kate Wiley
Natalie Page

Team Leaders:


Background Check Form

All Beacon House volunteers need to fill out and turn in a background check form a week prior to attending. To get this form, please email any of the team leaders, or

“...and the truth will set you free”       – John 8:32